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 32 is missing you. Happy birthday T-bugs #tylertebrich
 Our beautiful planet is crying for a change. We take care of our bodies, eating well...exercising, etc. so we can have a long and healthy life. Why is it so hard to take care of the planet that holds and sustains us? This picture was taken just 6 weeks ago in Cayo Santa Maria Cuba. These perfect, calm waters that were the most beautiful I'd ever relaxed in are the same that ripped through this town and many others causing great harm. My heart goes out to all of the hurricane victims, the victims of the earthquakes and our planet. #respectmothernature #cayosantamaria
 Sunflowers on a fall day. No matter the season, will always remind me of my grandmother's grace and love
 Work for @35mmmagazine featuring @ellinore_e

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Emo Saint Laurent

Emo St. Laurent_Street_Tecniq.001

Out with the Yves and in with the Emo.  Emo Saint Laurent is the theme of the show this coming Fall 15 season for the RTW Saint Laurent collection.

Hedi Slimane brings the 90s dark and emotional teenager to surface in the realm of the now.  Which is understandable.  I constantly find myself gravitating towards nostalgic reminders of my favorite styles passed.  We saw him incorporate elements of grunge into his 2013 collection and now here we are.  He is definitely a man of music and the subcultures that represent the movements.

Black leather, cut outs, tears, a Courtney Love lip and Marilyn Manson eye paint the picture of the 13-year-old Emo kid within.


* Article written by Tiffani Rae of Street-Tecniq and Hannah Boucher of CNCTxx

sherbert snapshots

street tecniq

Sherbert snapshots from the shows. (not my snaps- I’m melting in LA)

 #NarcisoRodriguez via Farfetch and   Looking forward to getting my hands on a tailored cape this fall to layer under everything and anything!

 #Delpozo FW15 is a sherbert fairytale.  Fanciful and delicately strong Spanish designs to tantalize your tastebuds.  Makeup by #maccosmetics

The Impressionist

Sitting back and watching the shows filter in at the speed of web becomes more and more interesting each season, breath, technological nanosecond. It’s incredible to see how instagram can take a show and with a quick snap, viola- the eye of the beholder captures that moment that we want to see. I still sift through the single shots of shows searching for common denominators that evolve into trends and love the process but find myself going back to the instagram moments. I love how these snapshots are more candid, less produced and present a bit of lifestyle.
Below, a few of my favorite snaps from the weekend vs. the rich and regal trend that paints an Impressionist-like picture on the body. These monochromatic blends of texture, dimension and fabrication are cozy and sumptuous, structured and swaying. The sweetest balance.


Top Left: Netaporter via @lisa.aiken
Middle Left: @houseofherrera
Bottom Left: @georginestudio via @creemmag
Right: ADEAM via @vmagazine

Summer Wrap Up

A few favorite snaps from instagram and my work from this Summer

feeling present

feeling present


 It’s 80+ degrees out, yet my brain is already deep in Fall. Staying ahead of daylight savings and the seasons for work can place one into the oddest time warp of a headspace. I’m constantly stuck in the season ahead of which we are in.

Which leads me to the following inspo board: ‘Feeling Present.’ An oxymoron of inspiration: Present vs. past. Fall vs. Summer. My head is stuck wrapped around France’s Summer songs of the 60s & 70s, Resort collections of 2015 and who knows what else. Ultimately leaving me at a crossroads. Choosing to live in jeans and without a bra but doing my best to throw in a flirt of a skirt or two.

For further imagery/ credit info…STQ’s Pinterest page is quite bitchin…




Fall IS Bleu

street-tecniq’s Fall ’14 trend forecast = blue skies and closets

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We are The Rhoads for Relapse Magazine

“We were inspired by the location: the colors, the history of the spot and wanted to show rich colors and textures. ” -Ashley Abercrombie

Photography by Chris and Sarah Rhoads: We are the Rhoads


It’s going to be a colorful Fall ’14 out there! Looking forward to fun geometric and spastic color splashes everywhere. I love this season’s nutty anything goes approach because that IS just what WILL and SHOULD happen. People are going to “let all hang out” and play. Many of us will get turns of heads with confusion and thought evoking response. Dali didn’t put a shoe on Elsa Schiaparelli’s head without the intention of question mark responses.

I must also add my eagerness to see the sportswear dug up from the 80s and 90s stockpiles. Last night the gal behind the desk at yoga was ROCKIN some ridiculous jacket she found at a thrift store for 3 bucks. So so fun. Go get em people.

Oh yeah… check out our SHOP…we’ve hit the sport your thang trend ourselves ;p

much love

For further information and credit info for this trend forecast for Fall 2014, check out our Pinterest page

eternal spring

welcome back Spring.  We missed you.  Torn between climates Spring appears to be this year.  Stuck completely between Winter and Summer/ East Coast and West Coast.  While we in California are melting and battling fires, back east the Blizzards are a whole different ball game.

We’re lucky on this coast (till the well runs dry at least).  Oh yeah…back to the important—we’re lucky that we get to pretend it’s spring already and dive into the great range of styles 2014 is offering.

webtastic: Cleobella



OK so the designer is a soul mate and of my closest friends (that’s a love brag)

Angela is ALSO a genius in her creativity and behind the beautifully branded business; Cleobella.  It has been a treat to watch her company grow.  To have been a part of her first renegade photo shoot which entailed pulling apart our closets and running around to local stores.

We continue to find passion together through style but these days it’s more than simply on set and in the design studio.  About 4 years ago, I called Ang to chat about the current web trends that were inspiring me.  The little lady is so on it when it comes to the visual capabilities of the web and was right there with me.  Cool—new canvas and playground!!  We dove right into a meeting with her team and brainstormed about the online trends at present and to come.   Since that moment her e-commerce store has grown and flourished and I often enjoy checking back to see what new developments have popped up.

The collections are designed and cultivated in Bali, where Angela spends nearly half the year with her husband and son.  While navigating through, one feels as though they are taking that journey alongside Angela and the Cleobella team.   What a goal accomplished.  With beautiful imagery and explanations for the process of design and construction as well as the local families who have greatly benefited from production.  Take peak and a stroll, allow yourself to get lost in for a while…

19??: Party in your pants. Levis

What year are we in?  Who the hell knows.  We just play along how we please.  This Summer Levi’s let us play as we pleased at the re-launch party of their orange tab jeans.  We frolicked around the grassy knolls of Topanga Canyon in our vintage favorites, floral headbands and unlimited pabst beer.  Goodtimes were had as we rocked out with artists such as Dave Grohl covering the classics.  Party in your Pants or party in your seat…brace yourself for some fun favorites pictured here.



Harleth Kuusik and Maja salamon for Vogue UK Feb. 14

Harleth Kuusik and Maja salamon for Vogue UK Feb. 14

CLEAN:   Incredibly excited with the on the edge of your seat (or pants) expression of anything goes this year.  And I don’t feel like we’re going to calm down anytime soon.  I do tend to personally reach for an eccentric take on my personal style and constantly have to remind myself to simplify.  Which is probably why I’m starting here with a white and clean story.  Trending here:  oxfords, laces, layers of mesh and technically placed appliques.  This eccentric season of spring ’14 carries through even into our whites and I’m loving it!





white jacket:  Melitta Baumeister’s Graduation Collection


Little box girl by Jan Wisse

French Vintage (fashion not wine)

Located in the old cobblestone streets of Lyon, rests the gem Fripseketchup.
I sourced this store online after digging for vintage stores in Lyon and couldn’t believe my eyes when clicking on thumbnail images of the store.  Is it possible that a vintage store could pay such attention to immaculate design in display fixtures.  Yes.
Articles of clothing in perfect color coordination suspend from the ceiling by wire cable and attach to a perfectly treated/tarnished iron hanger.
Behind the register is the twisting iron stairwell that leads you downstairs into a dreamy cave of more vintage treasures.
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