The Impressionist

Sitting back and watching the shows filter in at the speed of web becomes more and more interesting each season, breath, technological nanosecond. It’s incredible to see how instagram can take a show and with a quick snap, viola- the eye of the beholder captures that moment that we want to see. I still sift through the single shots of shows searching for common denominators that evolve into trends and love the process but find myself going back to the instagram moments. I love how these snapshots are more candid, less produced and present a bit of lifestyle.
Below, a few of my favorite snaps from the weekend vs. the rich and regal trend that paints an Impressionist-like picture on the body. These monochromatic blends of texture, dimension and fabrication are cozy and sumptuous, structured and swaying. The sweetest balance.


Top Left: Netaporter via @lisa.aiken
Middle Left: @houseofherrera
Bottom Left: @georginestudio via @creemmag
Right: ADEAM via @vmagazine


In a day of modern technology and terror, we live a life of many dualities.

We wait for the moments of tragedy to strike upon us.

We wait for the moment it may happen to others.

We process the worlds’ suffering through the veins of social media.

Paris and France’s news of yesterday is tragic and frightening.  Not only because of the horror behind the scene but rather, the fear of the silenced outlet of the pen which may follow.

I’ll never forget thinking how brave and incredible the radical journalists of the French Revolution were with their pamphlets and newsletters.  Charlie Hebdo, your team, and those such as Jean-Paul-Marat who have been executed for speaking your minds and questioning the systems MUST continue to inspire the spoken word!

Oh sweet history.  How you repeat yourself…

Here is a collection of some of my favorite voices that have spoken for Charlie Hebdo over the past couple of days.  Long live the pen!  Viva la FUCKING FRANCE!!

CharlieHebdoTop Left Image:  Rafael Mantesso

Right:  Woblog

Bottom Left: Rafael Mantesso

Center: Woblog

Bottom Right: Lucille Clerc

We are all Charlie!