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 Can you see the 80s is the 20s? #designdetails #1920s #illustration #artistunknown #historyrepeats
 Mood Jeannie Patchett, Paris, Vogue (1950)

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Emo Saint Laurent

Emo St. Laurent_Street_Tecniq.001

Out with the Yves and in with the Emo.  Emo Saint Laurent is the theme of the show this coming Fall 15 season for the RTW Saint Laurent collection.

Hedi Slimane brings the 90s dark and emotional teenager to surface in the realm of the now.  Which is understandable.  I constantly find myself gravitating towards nostalgic reminders of my favorite styles passed.  We saw him incorporate elements of grunge into his 2013 collection and now here we are.  He is definitely a man of music and the subcultures that represent the movements.

Black leather, cut outs, tears, a Courtney Love lip and Marilyn Manson eye paint the picture of the 13-year-old Emo kid within.


* Article written by Tiffani Rae of Street-Tecniq and Hannah Boucher of CNCTxx

sherbert snapshots

street tecniq

Sherbert snapshots from the shows. (not my snaps- I’m melting in LA)

 #NarcisoRodriguez via Farfetch and   Looking forward to getting my hands on a tailored cape this fall to layer under everything and anything!

 #Delpozo FW15 is a sherbert fairytale.  Fanciful and delicately strong Spanish designs to tantalize your tastebuds.  Makeup by #maccosmetics

NOT yo average blog post: SPORT yo thang

(The flaming0–we need a flaming0) in here)

The Flaming0 is the new Blue Steel.  You can’t really take this post seriously because we weren’t.  Yes, some of the pieces are AWESOME and were treasures found amongst the twisting cobblestone streets and French vintage shops.   But there’s no lie that we weren’t simply playing and having a good time with friends here.  As much as I can’t get enough of the world wide blog realm…worship the bold and fearless approach that bloggers have with the not so self taken ‘selfie’…I’m not so sure I have the courage to pose myself in front of the camera just yet.  On set we were discussing this topic when Kelly (hair/ makeup genius) told us about a personal mock blogger shoot she did with a girlfriend modeled after Stu’s Not So Lonely Londoner’s post:

Well– the rest was song and dance….you can’t help but try it on for size..

and then… (i probably shouldn’t be posting these…)

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Hoodie Buddie


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