Out with the Yves and in with the Emo.  Emo Saint Laurent is the theme of the show this coming Fall15 season for the RTW Saint Laurent collection.

Hedi Slimane brings the 90s dark and emotional teenager to surface in the realm of the now.  Which is understandable.  I constantly find myself gravitating towards nostalgic reminders of my favorite styles passed.  We saw him incorporate elements of grunge into his 2013 collection and now here we are.  He is definitely a man of music and the subcultures that represent the movements.

Black leather, cut outs, tears, a Courtney Love lip and Marilyn Manson eye paint the picture of the 13-year-old Emo kid within.


It’s going to be a colorful Fall ’14 out there! Looking forward to fun geometric and spastic color splashes everywhere. I love this season’s nutty anything goes approach because that IS just what WILL and SHOULD happen. People are going to “let all hang out” and play. Many of us will get turns of heads with confusion and thought evoking response. Dali didn’t put a shoe on Elsa Schiaparelli’s head without the intention of question mark responses.

I must also add my eagerness to see the sportswear dug up from the 80s and 90s stockpiles. Last night the gal behind the desk at yoga was ROCKIN some ridiculous jacket she found at a thrift store for 3 bucks. So so fun. Go get em people.

Oh yeah… check out our SHOP…we’ve hit the sport your thang trend ourselves ;p

much love

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