Street-tecniq:  the touch, feel, inspiration and application of fashion.  My day job is Fashion Styling.  I’ve been based out of Los Angeles for 10+ years and have never idled on enjoying the opportunities and range that having a career in fashion has allotted me.

Why Los Angeles has become a cool hotspot for fashion:  E-commerce and we’re welcoming it with open arms.  5 years ago (or so) I fell in love with the e-comm trends.

Geeking out on the computer lead to extensive hours of forecasting trends that were new to me:  tech trends.   The fact that one could build a three dimensional experience via an online store blew my mind.   A sad day it was when all of the little editorials went away and we LA stylists were left with strictly celebs to dress and advertising campaigns.  Ecomm has rekindled the opportunity to play creatively with an editorial spirit.


So CHEERS to all of the little and large ecomm shops out there!  We salute you and look forward to continuing to grow and create with you.


Owner/ Director/ Stylist/ Person:  Tiffani Rae